The War with Grandpa [2020]

The War with Grandpa is a funny but mostly pointless movie. It will leave you with a handful of laughs, and a lot of questions about what the talented cast was thinking when they signed on.

TINA [2021]

Standing at almost two hours long, TINA tells the story of Tina Turner in chronological chapters mixing footage from a new interview with archival tapes.

The One And Only Ivan [2020]

With The One And Only Ivan, Disney does what it does best. A family-oriented movie with an emotional story and a lesson for kids: Wild animals do not belong in cages.

The White Tiger [2021]

The White Tiger is a well-acted and beautifully made movie that transforms its source material into a grimly compelling drama that also feels very contemporary.

Cherry [2021]

Tom Holland is everything in Cherry. He’s carrying the whole movie on his shoulders. The good and not so good parts.

The Secrets We Keep [2020]

The Secrets We Keep doesn’t waste anytime letting the viewer know what’s going on. Less than 15 minutes into it’s 1h37min run, you already know the whole story. And it just goes stale from there.