Chick Fight [2020]

Chick Fight will not win any awards this year. Also, it doesn’t have to. It’s actually a great entertainment and background noise when you’re doing chores during covid lockdowns.

I Care A Lot [2021]

Rosamund Pike (Marla Grayson) and Peter Dinklage (Roman Lunyov) do excellent work in I Care A Lot, but they’re acting in a story that doesn’t give the audience anyone to root for.

Papillon [2018]

Don’t get me wrong, the actors (all of them, not just Charlier and Rami) were great. But this version of the movie falls a tiny bit behind the 1973 one.

Soul [2020]

With Soul, Pixar has raised the bar so high. Just when I thought that “inside out” was one deep film, Soul comes shattering that idea.

Listen [2017]

Listen! Finally, a decent Lebanese movie that is not about the civil war and it’s not a complete joke.

Greenland [2020]

Gerard Butler is here to save the world once again. But this science fiction thriller achieves a small impact compared to its “extinction level” comets.