Alex Rider [2020]

Alex Rider is a fun british spy series based on the novels of the same name by Anthony Horowitz. I didn’t know that when I started watching this Amazon Prime Video exclusive, but It’s noticeably clear during the show.

Allen v. Farrow [2021]

Allen V. Farrow will not be the one stopping Woody Allen’s career. But if half of what’s presented in this four-parts HBO documentary is true, the public pressure should not stop until it does.

WandaVision [2021]

WandaVision is a bold move by Marvel Studios to set up the next phase of the MCU in the most unexpected way.

Mrs. Fletcher [2019]

Mrs. Fletcher is definitely an explicit series. Kathryn Hahn who plays Eve is a divorcée and is undergoing a mid-life crisis.

It’s A Sin – Miniseries [2021]

“It’s a Sin” is a miniseries you’re going to want to watch: bold, witty, and wrenching AIDS Drama. It’s a chronicle of four friends during a decade in which everything changed, including the rise of AIDS. Created by Russel T Davis (Queer As Folk), the series starts in London early […]

Schitt’s Creek [2015-2020]

My Dear “Be-be”s, give Schitt’s Creek a chance! It keeps on getting better! Please don’t end! I want more! Those were my exact words after watching the final season. Schitt’s creek, a pure Canadian show, (of six seasons) tackles the story of “the Rose” family, (Johnny, Moira, David and Alexis) […]

Dollface [2019]

“Hide the di***!” Kat Dennings is a comedy treasure! I have no idea why it took me over a year to even know that this show exists.

Two Weeks To Live [2020]

Maisie Williams is back on TV with Two Weeks to Live, a British 6 part (almost 30 min per episode) miniseries produced by SKY.