What to watch on Amazon Prime Video Canada in April 2021?

What to watch on Amazon Prime Video Canada in April 2021?

Each month, Prime Video adds a lot of new movies and series. Next month, the highlights are Without Remorse and Made For Love.

So, what’s coming to Prime Video Canada in April?

April 1st

  • LOL: Last One Laughing Italy: season 1 (Amazon Original)
  • Kamen Rider Amazons: season 1
  • Creepshow: season 2 via Shudder
  • Staged via Hollywood Suites

April 2nd

April 5th

  • Pandora: season 2

April 6th

  • Death in Paradise: season 10 via BritBox

April 7th

  • The Priest

April 8th

  • 10 Horas Para O Natal
  • Carlinhos & Carlāo
  • No Gogó Do Paulinho
  • A Gruta

April 9th

  • Them: season 1 (Amazon Original)
  • 2067

April 14th

  • Rahul Subramanian 2

April 16th

  • Wander
  • Frank of Ireland: season 1 (Amazon Original)
  • Mr. Mercedes: seasons 1-3
  • Made For Love: seasons 1 (Amazon Exclusive)
  • Shiva 143
  • The Souvenir

April 18th

  • Confronting a Serial Killer via Starz

April 19th

  • Island of Bryan: season 3 via StackTV

April 21st

  • Nos4a2: season 2

April 22nd

  • Saina Stowaway (Exclusive Content)

April 24th

  • Roberrt
  • Jathi Ratnalu

April 30th

Without Remorse (Amazon Original) – Official Trailer

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