What’s new on Amazon Prime Video Canada in November 2021?

The Great - Season Two - Prime Video Canada in November 2021

Prime Video Canada in November 2021: Each month, Prime Video adds a lot of new movies and series. This November, the highlights are season two of The Great, and the new show The Wheel of Time.

So, what’s coming to Prime Video Canada in November 2021?

November 1st
  • Spider-Man
  • Spider-Man 2
  • Spider-Man 3
  • 21
  • Christmas Joy
  • Hope At Christmas
  • Angel of Christmas
  • Christmas at Graceland
  • Christmas Everlasting
  • Mingle All The Way
  • A Veteran’s Christmas
  • A Heavenly Christmas
  • Jingle Around The Clock
  • A Midnight Kiss
  • The Christmas Train
  • Do, Re, & Mi Sing-Alongs

November 4th
  • The Alpinist (Exclusive)

November 5th
  • Tommy Little: I’ll See Myself Out (Exclusive)
  • The Electrical Life of Louis Wain (Exclusive)
  • A Man Named Scott (Amazon Original)
  • Pete the Cat: season 2, part 5 (Amazon Original)
  • Tampa Baes (Amazon Orignal)

November 7th
  • Yellowstone: season 4 (Exclusive)

Yellowstone – Season 4 – Official Trailer

November 8th
  • The Curse of Oak Island: season 9 (via StackTV)

November 11th
  • Pharma Bro (Exclusive)

November 12th
  • Pau Gasol: Lo Improtante Es El Viaje (Exclusive)
  • Mayor Pete (Amazon Original)
  • Always Jane (Amazon Original)
  • The Comeback Trail
  • Elf (via Starz)

November 15th
  • Jack & Jill

November 18th
  • Normal People

November 19th
  • Everybody Loves Naiti (Amazon Original)
  • The Wheel of Time (Amazon Original)

November 20th

The Great – Season Two – Prime Video Canada in November 2021

November 21st
  • Power Book II: Ghost: season 2 (via Starz)

November 22nd
  • Deck the Halls

November 24th

November 25th
  • Naked Singularity
  • Call the Midwife: season 10 (via BritBox)

November 26th
  • The Curse of Von Dutch (Exclusive)
  • Pan Y Circo: season 2 (Amazon Original)
  • Saved by the Bell: season 2 (requires StackTV membership for $12.99)

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