Army of the Dead [2021]

Army Of The Dead

Zac Snyder announces to the world that he’s back with Army of the Dead: An ambitious, over-the-top zombie heist mashup.

After the whole Justice League drama, I was expecting Snyder to fade away. Thankfully, he did the opposite! I was really skeptical watching Army of the Dead, but Snyder managed to surprise me.

In typical Snyder fashion, there’s plenty of buildup before the all-out action arrives. But the zombie movie gives you characters you can root for, mostly, and a terrific Dave Bautista. The movie also mixes some contemporary social issues (Refugees, WMDs) with a lot of comedic moments. A special shoutout to Tig Notaro and Matthias Schweighöfer for stealing the show.

In general, it’s a solid movie. A good slice of escapist, zombie-filled, nonsensical fun.

However, a couple of things that were pretty annoying:

  • The daughter, played by Ella Purnell is annoying. And unfortunately, I don’t think the casting helped in this case. Purnell was terrible in this role.
  • The movie is a strangely light affair considering that Snyder was given $70 million and carte blanche to make it. It’s ultimately just another zombie movie with little originality and an exorbitant running-time to pad things out. The opening scene was more enjoyable then at least a quarter of the movie scenes.
Army Of The Dead – Official Trailer
Should you watch it?

Head’s up! It’s not a happy ending, but if you’re into zombie movies, this movie is a good watch. In conclusion, it’s a solid movie but nothing too special. And based on the ending, hope they make a sequel to see what happens in Mexico City.

Where can I watch it?

You can stream Army Of The Dead exclusively on Netflix worldwide.