Chick Fight [2020]

Chick Fight Movie

Let’s make one thing clear, Chick Fight will not win any awards this year. Also, it doesn’t have to. It’s actually a great entertainment and background noise when you’re doing chores during covid lockdowns.

I was hesitant to watch Chick Fight considering that Alec Baldwin is the “most known star” from all the cast. However, the intriguing premise and hip-to-the-cause cast – especially Dulce Sloan as a lesbian cop and Alec Baldwin as a drunken fight instructor – make this featherweight exercise an enjoyable but unremarkable diversion.

Side note, Dulce Sloan is comedy gold.

Watching this movie while doing house chores (in my case, it was ironing a 4 months’ worth of clothing) is the best way to sail thru this movie. Taking an offbeat approach to the idea of female empowerment, this comedy is engaging even it most of the movie sounded off-beat.

Putting everything aside, Chick Fight has excellent slow motion bloody fight scenes. Example? Look below.

Fight Scene

Fun Fact! This movie was originally a Canadian project intended to be filmed on location in Drummondville and St-Cyrille-de-Wendover, Quebec, Canada. But for some reason, it ended up by being filmed on location in Puerto Rico, with an entirely different cast and crew, and a story quite different from the original project.

Chick Fight – Trailer

Should you watch it?

Chick Fight is quite cliche yet funny, good entertaining movie overall.

In a couple words: entertaining, predictable storyline, some funny but also a lot shameless jokes, dirty, vulgar lines; good fighting scenes (excellent bloody slo-mos); decent soundtrack. It is what it is: a good entertaining movie!

Where can I watch it?

Chick Fight airs on Prime Video.