Coming 2 America [2021]

coming 2 america

Eddie Murphy is announcing to the world that he’s back with Coming 2 America, a sequel to his late 1980s smash hit Coming to America! Sadly, it’s not a worthy one.

Here’s the thing, Murphy was on an extended career hiatus, and 2 years ago, he decided to get back. His first movie Dolemite Is My Name was a smash hit. It was a great script that highlighted his comedy skills and talents. Coming 2 America is his next movie, and sadly, it’s exactly the opposite of that.

So, what exactly is this movie about?

Akeem (Eddie Murphy) learns he has a long-lost son in the United States and returns to America to meet this unexpected heir and build a relationship with his son.

Thing is, despite the short runtime and quick pace it felt like a chore to sit through. To be honest, there are odd moments of genuine hilarity in this movie, but they come far and few between. Sadly, something was clearly lost in the mix when they decided to give the project the greenlight. I really wanted to love this movie, but it just was not as funny or as heartfelt as it the original one.

You’d be surprised to know that some of the most entertaining elements in the film are not the comic actors. In fact, it’s the musical and dance performances with appearances by En Vogue, Salt & Pepper, and Gladys Knight.

Plus, a special shoutout to the great Morgan Freeman. You’ll know why if you decide to watch the movie. He’s hilarious in his own way.

In general, it wasn’t that bad. I very much found it admirable that Murphy decided to make a sweeter film centered on family while stepping aside to give other comic actors time to shine. Special mentions here to Jermaine Fowler, Leslie Jones (she singlehandedly changed my impression of this movie and made it tolerable), and Tracy Morgan (I am not a huge fan of his, but he did great in this one).

However, most of script and plotlines feel like warmed up leftovers from thirty years ago, which are still the funniest parts. Sadly, it’s hardly worth waiting two decades for. It’s mildly amusing, inoffensive, and instantly forgettable.

Coming 2 America – 2021 – Trailer

Should you watch it?

Why do we have to ruin classic movies with belated sequels that barely pretends to be more than an exercise in nostalgia? If you liked the original movie, this one barely passes as “fan service”.

Where can I watch it?

Coming 2 America streams exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. You can read all about the original movie here.