Disenchanted [2022] – Amy Adams, Alan Tudyk

Disenchanted - Disney plus

Disney’s Disenchanted is one of those “we have a monthly output” quota kind of movies. Forced and missing all the magic.

To be frank, it’s sad. This franchise should have been left alone. With a story that tries to navigate a bigger scale when it didn’t need to, faulty character development, and underwhelming dialogue, this second half baked trip to almost-Andalasia leaves a lot to be desired.

The humour is painfully absent. What was previously a sly, self-effacing satire has been replaced by a complicit campiness which, while occasionally fun, is rarely funny. The lack of ingenuity jeopardizes the outcome, no matter how much goodwill you may have towards Enchanted.

The first movie was full of magic, satire, and comedy, but that’s not the case for this one. Where’s the satire? Where’s the subversion? Sometimes “happily ever after” isn’t an excuse, or an outdated, romantic notion that marriage solves everything. Sometimes it’s just the best time to stop the story.

In my opinion, the only redeeming quality of this movie was Maya Rudolph playing an evil queen. There’s something about Rudolph playing evil that made the movie ten times better. Sadly, it wasn’t enough to save it.

Disenchanted – Official Trailer
Should you watch it?

Enhanced was a movie full of magic. Disney should have left its magic in its happy ever because it’s nowhere to be found here. How disenchanting indeed.

Where can I watch it?

You can stream Disenchanted exclusively on Disney Plus.