Dog [2022] – Channing Tatum


Dog is far from original, but a solid narrative and great chemistry makes for a fetching movie and viewing experience.

As much as I am excited to see Channing Tatum back on our screens, with his shirt on, this is not the movie that will be remembered as his comeback. It’s simply one of those movies that has enough heart to be entertaining in the moment, but you’ll forget about it within a month. If you like Tatum and cute dogs, you’ll probably enjoy it fine.

However, movie star Channing Tatum and co-director Channing Tatum are a match made in Heaven. Yes, the whole veteran plot gets tiring after a while, but the movie felt like it’s a personal story for Tatum. I would’ve spent 5 hours with this movie dog. It was like being on a cathartic road trip where some things are familiar and predictable and other things catch you off guard.

In fact, this movie might be an exception. It is that rarest of things: A mid-budget adult drama released by a major studio that actually works, despite its reliance on formula, due to how deeply felt it is on the part of everyone involved.

Dog – Official Trailer
Should you watch it?

Dog might not be for everyone. It is as heartwarming as you’d hope, but it also tells a sensitive story about the long road to be healing after experiencing the horrors of war or a major trauma.

Where can I watch it?

You can stream Dog on Amazon Prime Video in Canada.