Dune: Part Two [2024] – Florence Pugh, Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya

Dune: Part Two [2024] - Florence Pugh, Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya

Dune: Part Two redeems the first chapter and more. Visually stunning, and surprisingly easier to follow and enjoy.

Picking up where Part One ended, the movie was well worth the wait and exceeded almost all expectations. It’s incredibly stunning. Yes, I didn’t like the first part. It was all visuals, no real story, or events. Almost nothing happens in the first movie. But this one is absolutely fantastic. It’s easier to follow and the story is more straightforward. This is the rare case where the sequel is better than the original.

In addition, other than the main cast from the first movie, this sequel blesses us with magnificent new cast and performances. However, my hat goes to Austin Butler with one of the magificient, creepiest, and bone chilling performances as Feyd-Rautha. As far as I’m concerned, he overshadowed Zendaya and definitely stole his scenes.

For a Hollywood blockbuster, Dune: Part 2 is unafraid to say some very dark things about religion, politics, power and violence. Some might see it as a commentary on religious fanatics, others about politics. All I can say is that I found it to be both #NoSpoilers. However, I just wish that Timothée Chalamet goes all in for the third movie. To be honest, in the third act, it felt like he was still holding back. For the third part to be truly believable as the space opera it should be, he needs to let go.

Yes, we’re a long long long way from that famous galaxy far, far away, but I think we should be. Dune is what Star Wars should have been. However, If the Hollywood genie would grant me one wish, it would be for this series to get a tiny bit inspired by the more infamous franchise.

Dune: Part Two – Official Trailer
Should You Watch It?

Nothing is perfect but this sequel is almost there. Dune: Part Two is full of action, story and visually stunning. This one is anything but boring.

Where Can I Watch It?

Dune: Part Two is now playing in theaters.