F9: The Fast Saga [2021]

F9: The Fast Saga

With F9: The Fast Saga, the Fast franchise is more over the top than ever, but who needs a believable story when you have wall-to-wall action that defies the laws of physics?

Despite (or perhaps because of) its convoluted plot, F9 delivers on the action and character moments that fans of the Fast & Furious series have come to love. Even if sometimes, neither the plot nor the action sequences make any sense. I guess The Fast Saga stopped making any sense around the third movie when it switched from a car racing movie with a little bit of action, to a race of “how can we top the current crazy stunt with a crazier one?”.

Since F9 is not meant to be a serious movie, let me summarize the plot (well, most Fast movies have the same plot): Dom (Vin Diesel) sitting on the side enjoying his life, a couple of his “friends” come over with an issue, cars crashing, laws of physics defied, cars crashing, done. Sounds familiar?

Now let’s get into some of F9 details.

As far as I’m concerned, Roman (Tyrese Gibson) stands out in this movie. Knowing that the movie is over the top, Roman thinks he’s superhuman. He takes out an entire military squad by twirling around a gun, presumed dead for a second as a military vehicle lands on his head.

How to top that? Well, scrap all laws of physics. From driving through a minefield without a scratch while the military following them gets blowup, to driving on a bridge held by NOTHING. They basically drove on floating air. All of that is fine until Dom uses his nitro to get his car hooked and then crash into a rock cliff at nitro speed (over 80Mph) and end up perfectly okay. That’s not how physics work!

You need more stuff? During the first 8 movies, Dom only had a sister. Thanks to this movie, we discover that he has a younger brother who’s the antagonist. WTF?

F9: The Fast Saga – Official Trailer
Should you watch it?

F9: The Fast Saga is a terrible origin story for John Cena’s character with a re-incarnation of Han (Sung Kang – he “died” in the second movie) and a cameo by Helen Mirren. To be honest? She was the best part of the movie. F9 is by far the worst movie of the saga, and the craziest. If you don’t like to think while watching, F9 is for you.

Where can I watch it?

F9: The Fast Saga is now playing in theater.