Fast X [2023] – Vin Diesel, Jason Momoa, Michelle Rodriguez

Fast X - Prime Video Canada October 2023

Fast X makes it obvious that the franchise has run out of steam from its first 10 minutes. An over extended and unnecessary waste of time and money if it wasn’t for a perfectly deranged performance by Jason Momoa.

Vin Diesel’s Dom is particularly monosyllabic and earnest. Sadly, the rest of the crew turn up in scenes that are so disparate that it’s hard to connect with them. In fact, we got introduced to too many new characters & organizations that created more loose ends. Believe me, I get that this is technically “part 1” of a story, but it felt like a bad Disney+ series where the writers chew up double of what they thought they could, and then decided to make it a “first part” halfway into filming.

However, just as surely as the Earth circles the sun, there are some certainties to be found in this franchise as it hits #10 in the series. Cars flying, bombs, stupid crazy “villains”, and more. A certain degree of improbability is acceptable in a massive action film but eventually the laws of physics do trump everything else.

This installment is probably the worst of the franchise. It might have gone down in history as the worst movie ever if it hadn’t allowed Momoa to do his thing. As fast as I’m concerned Momoa single handedly saves this movie from being total garbage.

Fast X [2023] – Official Trailer
Should You Watch It?

Tiresome in all the ways it should kick ass. The movie has no reasons to exist except for a masterful and crazy performance by Momoa.

Where Can I Watch It?

Fast X is now streaming on Peacock in USA and Prime Video in Canada.