Father of the Bride [2022] – Andy García, Gloria Estefan

Father of the Bride

HBO Max’s remake of Father of the Bride had all the potential of another rom-com classic but fails miserably with an obviously low budget and bad direction.

The movie is far from the first to take a trip down the aisle. It’s even a remake of the original one. But it smartly diverges from its predecessors with a Cuban Mexican twist while trying to reaffirm the story’s timeless charm.

To be honest, Andy Garcia and Gloria Estefan are two stars that deserve better than a low budget room com with blatantly obvious green screen work. Like you could see the green screen moving behind the characters in front.

In addition, the story was a bit weak. Garcia & Estefan’s chemistry was undeniable, and they really tried their best. But it just didn’t work. Some scenes were both boring and painful to watch. The movie was trying to be safe. It ended up too safe and sometimes plain.

Personally, I was excited to the prospect of Andy Garcia and Gloria Estefan in a Latinx flavored remake of Father of the Bride. Sadly, this movie strips out everything that made the 1991 Steve Martin version so special.

Could have used a few more laughs and not have been played so safely.

Father of the Bride – Official Trailer
Should you watch it?

Was I entertained? Yes. Would I remember the movie two hours after writing this review? Not really. Would I watch it again? Certainly not.

Where can I watch it?

You can stream Father of the Bride exclusively on HBO Max in USA and on Crave in Canada.