Flamin’ Hot [2023] – Jesse Garcia, Annie Gonzalez

Flamin' Hot - Hulu/Disney+

Flamin’ Hot on Hulu and Disney Plus was entertaining and hot. The events surprised me as much as the fun storytelling. Fantastic job by first time director Eva Longoria.

Unlike Amazon’s Air, Flamin’ Hot is not about corporate drama. Where Air falls flat on its face, Flamin’ Hot burns with passion. The corporate air dissipates because the film’s heart is in the right place: for each cliché there is a dialogue or scene that celebrates Mexican culture, family, or migrants. Its sturdy, conventional approach either makes for persuasive fiction or streamlined reality. Or in this case: both.

Starring Jesse Garcia as Richard Montañez, the movie takes you through Montañez’s journey and struggles to make enough money to raise his family. And because of that, he creates what we now know as hot Cheetos and ends up saving his employer Frito-Lay and their corporate company, the one and only PepsiCo.

The movie is a warm, stand-up-and-cheer underdog story, with a perspective, an immigrant’s perspective. It’s not about “oh I’m suffering and i need help”. Instead, it’s about how one immigrant’s pride and self-worth resulted in a revolution in the snacks industry.

Some might say that this movie works a little too hard to be an ebullient crowd-pleaser. I’d say give it a change. The movie will win you over with its relentless, upbeat energy, and charismatic cast.

Flamin’ Hot – Official Trailer
Should you watch it?

Flamin’ Hot blends heart and humor with extravagant scenes, moving from fantasy to reality. It’s a fun movie that reminded me that no one can make you feel small without your permission.

Where can I watch it?

You can stream Flamin’ Hot exclusively on Hulu and Disney+.