Friendsgiving [2020]


Not the best, and definitely not the worse. Friendsgiving is scatty, untaxing but not nearly funny enough. A holiday comedy that is a laden table of side dishes, missing the meat.

You know something is off when the same movie has two names. Even Netflix wasn’t sure what to name it. Friendsgiving also known as Dinner With Friends, is a holiday party movie, and I missed those thanks to the pandemic halting all good productions. You’ve had better thanksgiving parties than this one, but maybe not in 2020. And that’s my reason for watching this movie in addition to Kat Dennings.

Regardless of how bad (or good) a production is, I will watch anything that features Kat Dennings (WandaVision, Dollface).

Despite some winning performances (Wanda Sykes people!), the movie feels as stale as Thanksgiving’s left-over stuffing. Don’t mistake the hard laughs you’ll get here and there for enjoyment. The good parts and short and far away. It’s a bit disappointing when a movie relies heavily on its ensemble cast to carry it at every turn. These delightful performances prevent the film’s antics from being dizzying and overwrought.

Dinner with friends – Friendsgiving – Official Trailer
Should you watch it?

While some characters on the ever-escalating guest list provide a welcome comic distraction, this day-to-night hangout doesn’t really take flight. It’s a good-natured film with lots of sharp edges and an ensemble cast that’s gifted at combining black comedy and warm drama. But attempts to add any depth are somewhat shaky.

Where can I watch it?

You can stream Friendsgiving on Netflix.