Irresistible [2020]

Irresistible Movie

Written and produced by Jon Stewart (yes THAT Jon Stewart), Irresistible is a political comedy about a Democratic strategist (Steve Carell) who tries to help a local candidate win an election in a small right-wing town.

Watching this movie was the spur of the moment. I wanted a light movie to watch before bed. Sadly, it was “too light”.

The problem is that Irresistible is a clunky political critique, one that struggles to maintain its momentum and to establish a consistent tone. It’s fast, slow, and sarcastic; it’s earnest.

Relying a bit too much on the 2016 elections in USA (the one where Trump won and became a president), the intent behind the plot is timely and noble. The movie has its funny moments, but the messaging is super overstated, and the premise ends up being simplistic. Plus, given the opportunities for satirical complexities, it is disappointingly plain.

Irresistible Movie Poster
Irresistible Movie Poster

Sadly, Jon Stewart finds his storytelling groove a bit too late. Overall, there’s little interest in the characters and their troubles except as a means to score didactic points.

In addition, the third-act twist of “money solves everything” makes this movie a missed opportunity to show the world something new when it comes to dirty politics in America.

Irresistible – Trailer

Should you watch it?

Maybe. Steve Carell does what Steve Carell usually does. Does the media spend too much time framing stories as strictly binary narratives? Sure. Could we have gotten that message in a more straightforward way? Certainly.

Where can I watch it?

Irresistible airs on HBO Max in USA and Crave in Canada.