Listen [2017]

Listen Movie 2017

Listen! Finally, a decent Lebanese movie that is not about the civil war and it’s not a complete joke.

Listen is the story of a sound engineer that falls in love with a model. The model slips into a coma after an accident. As her parents forbid Joud (the sound engineer) from seeing her, the young man finds new means of communicating by recording sounds and asking her sister to play them.

That’s everything you need to know and to be honest, it’s not the main reason to watch this movie.

Listen (Ismaii in arabic) is great title for this 1h 49min movie. You’ll discover Lebanon from an auditory perspective. From the sound of the beach, to the city and the souks. Listen does an excellent job in transporting you to the filming locations via sounds.

It’s a very standard love story with a tiny twist at the end #NoSpoilers.

Listen Movie Trailer

Should you watch it?

Even if Arabic is not your language and you’re curious, Netflix provides subtitles in English and French. Plus, the movie is technically in “Lebanese Arabic”, which you’ll notice by the not-so-sudden switch in language during the monologues.

Light story, great sound editing, decent acting.

Where can I watch it?

This movie is currently available on Netflix.