Meet Cute [2022] – Kaley Cuoco, Pete Davidson

Meet Cute [2022] – Kaley Cuoco, Pete Davidson

Meet Cute is a cute Peacock Original. However, it lacks any soul to get the viewer invested in its semi-charismatic characters.

Starring Kaley Cuoco & Pete Davidson, the pitch here should’ve been an entirely easy sell. Sadly, conflicting genre tones, characters we never entirely understand, and a “message” that feels drastically hollow result in this meet cute being anything but.

Even though the movie directed by Alex Lehmann, is visually great, it is a bit of a mess at times. The only thing I got from this romcom teaches us anything, it’s that it’s okay for things to be a mess sometimes

Plus, kudos to Cuoco. She’s the reason I even bothered with this movie. She managed to humanize and made me give a damn about the professionally annoying Pete Davidson for like, the first time ever. #SorryNotSorry. Both performers provide some laughs, but the thin premise becomes strained and repetitive at feature length.

Overall, the movie is a sitcom episode stretched beyond its breaking point. For all the charm that Cuoco exudes, the monotony of the movie saps it dry. Checking your phone while watching a movie is never a good sign.

Meet Cute – Official Trailer
Should you watch it?

Its stars are certainly charming. However, the middling Meet Cute offers little to set itself apart in the ever-more-crowded “time loop romcom” subgenre.

Where can I watch it?

You can stream Meet Cute exclusively on PeacockTV in USA and on Amazon Prime Video in Canada.