Plane [2023] – Gerard Butler, Mike Colter on Crave/Starz

Plane [2023] - Gerard Butler, Mike Colter on Crave/Starz

Plane is another B-Movie starring Gerard Butler that takes a tried and tested formula and recycles it again. This time, it’s an island.

Taken meets Lost. This movie certifies Butler as this decades Liam Neeson. Yes, Mike Colter does great in this movie, but it’s obvious why this was even made…Butler.

In fact, it is as straightforward as they come for an action movie with extremely limited twists to offer, if any. However, director Jean-François Richet manages some tricks to make it engaging during its execution. Richet hasn’t made a ton of features, but he’s been in the game long enough to carry out a firm-handed and well-paced effort. A story that has all the authenticity of a conman’s smile, yet unfolds with a kind of crazed energy that might appeal to those looking for hollow popcorn entertainment.

To be honest, it’s a dumb but entertaining film. And even by Butler’s B-list standards (remember Greenland? of course you don’t), this is not the best movie out there. Yes, he’s done worse, but he’s also done way better.

Plane – Official Trailer
Should You Watch It?

Check your critical thinking at the gate, or even any thingking. Another movie were Butler is the hero and everyone else is just there to prop him up. Fun? Maybe. Forgettable? Definitely, and within seconds.

Where Can I Watch It?

You can stream Plane on Crave and Starz in Canada or rent it on Prime Video.