Poor Things [2023] – Emma Stone, Willem Dafoe, Mark Ruffalo

Poor Things [2023] - Emma Stone, Willem Dafoe, Mark Ruffalo

Poor Things should have won the Oscars for best movie. Point Blank. Yes, it’s wildly imaginative and exhilaratingly over the top, but that’s the point.

Starring Emma Stone, Willem Dafoe, Ramy Youssef & Mark Ruffalo, Poor Things takes you on a psychedelic ride from the get-go. It’s a bizarre, brilliant tour de force for director Yorgos Lanthimos and star Stone.

In addition, it coincides with Emerld Fennell’s Saltburn in confronting Hollywood’s gun-happy format with something considerably more grounded, namely the sex urge that drives people, and the social curiosity that comes along with it. A Frankenstein Meets Forrest Gump flick filtered through a feminist focus.

In fact, the movie was made for Emma Stone to shine. Bella’s sincerity, contrasted with coded misogyny around her, makes up for a gratifying concoction. Her childlike replies easily disarm any misogynistic or condescending reply around her. And I loved every single moment of it. Somehow, right in the middle of all the surrealistic setup, Stone managed to deliver a masterful performance. She takes pleasure in her liber­ation, while recognizing and bris­tling against misogyny.

Don’t get me wrong, Oppenheimer is a good movie. Poor Things is simply better. It’s visual proof that there is room for weirdly wonderful cinema in this world.

Poor Things – Official Trailer
Should You Watch It?

It is a weird, wild good time movie, and Emma Stone is fantastic in it. Just be prepared for adult themes that may unsettle or offend some.

Where Can I Watch It?

You can stream Poor Things exclusively on Disney Plus & Hulu.