Quiz Lady [2023] – Awkwafina, Sandra Oh on Hulu/Disney+

Quiz Lady [2023] - Awkwafina, Sandra Oh on Hulu/Disney+

Quiz Lady is a funny movie that shines thanks to its two main stars, but not its story. Friendly, ephemeral, somewhat predictable and conventional.

Yes, not every joke lands, but with the movie’s quick pace and the powerful chemistry of its lead actors, the misfires don’t bog the film down. The movie mixes up elements of slapstick and situational comedy without falling into the trap of being too ridiculous.

Everyone knows that Awkwafina is a human comedy machine, but I was pleasently susprised by Sandra Oh. Her comedy skills are among the best i’ve seen in the last decade. I’d love to see more comedy projects from Oh. Awkwafina and Oh are hilarious, displaying excellent comedic timing that transitions to touching moments in a blink, creating hard and soft edges for their respective characters.

While certain parts needs fine-tuning, with harder ups and downs, Quiz Lady offers tons of laughs and heartfelt moments. Funny is funny, and this film is pretty funny … Much of that is thanks to its two leads.

Quiz Lady – Official Trailer
Should You Watch It?

Quiz Lady‘s leads might have perfect chemistry, but the movie doesn’t go the extra mile. It stays an uneven comedy that overcomes its periodic wobbles. Thankfully, it lands on the right side of hilarious and heartfelt. 

Where Can I Watch It?

You can stream Quiz Lady exclusively on Hulu in USA and on Disney+ everywhere else.