Renfield [2023] – Nicholas Hoult, Nicolas Cage, Awkwafina

Renfield [2023]

Renfield by Universal Studios is another Dracula inspired comedy movie that is fun to watch but fails to take full advantage of its committed stars and killer premise.

When you get Nicholas Hoult, Nicolas Cage & Awkwafina as your stars, you better deliver. In fact, this action/horror/comedy by director Chris McKay starts well, with a promising idea and some big laughs. However, somewhere early in its second act, it devolves into an overly familiar mishmash of fights and chases. It’s both trying too hard and not hard enough.

I’m not saying that this is a bad movie. If anything, Universal Studios is doing great with cheap and ridiculous movies that delight fans and do great in the box office. Earlier this year, we had Cocaine Bear, and now we get Renfield.

Hoult plays Renfield, Dracula’s henchman. He longs for a life away from the Count, his various demands, and all the bloodshed that comes with them. Sounds cool, right? It does. However, this action comedy is heavily inspired by the last 1980s cheap horror movies where you’re not sure if you should be laughing or getting scared.

Renfield [2023] – Official Trailer
Should you watch it?

It’s not for everyone, but I thought that Renfield was an absolute blast from start to finish. It’s a horror-comedy that leans more on the comedy end. Throwing in gore effects that are so over-the-top they blur the line between horrific and hilarious.

Where can I watch it?

Renfield is now playing in theaters, and you get it on Google TV.