Soul [2020]

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There’s so much to be said for one film. With Soul, Pixar has raised the bar so high. Just when I thought that “inside out” was one deep film, Soul comes shattering that idea.

While watching, every time I thought that things are going to get predictable, I was wrong.

Joe Gardener (Jamie Foxx), a talented pianist, working as a music teacher, faces an unexpected death with no chance to accomplish his ultimate goal in life, playing gigs as a jazz pianist. Joe then has an out of body experience where he meets a soul (Tina Fey). He wants nothing more than to get back to life on earth while his friend is trying not to.

Even though Soul tackles MANY subjects, which is usually critiqued as bad in movies, but somehow it works. The film is beautifully written in a way that makes you really question the definition of passion, how to pursue it, and how people’s purposes change through time and experiences. And it is OKAY if you don’t have things figured out yet.

The film has A LOT of layers to explore; life after death, the true purpose of mentors and teachers, appreciating the little things in life, how one can easily get stuck in a vicious cycle leading to sadness and depression. It is definitely aimed for people, not just kids, who are looking for answers. I also think that parents should watch Soul with their kids and expect a lot of questions afterwards.

Two elements that can’t be disregarded. The flawless animation, especially in portraying New York’s busy life. And the Music. Jazz lovers will be satisfied.

The music genre created a symbolic reference to life, where in both, one needs to improvise, discover the unknown and take chances. I was left speechless by Joe’s performance. In fact, the whole soundtrack was beneficial to keeping the right tempo in each scene.

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Should you watch it?

Soul is definitely my new favorite animated film. If you’re looking for a family bonding time, well balanced between humor and seriousness, soul is your go to movie.

Where can I watch it?

Soul is available on Disney +.