Spencer [2021]


Spencer claims to be telling Princess Diana’s point of view of that fateful Christmas time. However, the movie fails to give its characters any depth, except for Diana.

Kristen Stewart is great as Diana in Spencer. Sadly, the movie fails in every other aspect of making an interesting drama. No one really knows what happened inside that castle, or what’s happening in Diana’s mind. But as a viewer, I expected a cleaner picture of what the writers and directors assumed was going.

In fact, the movie frustrates with its distinctive depiction of its subject’s life, and not in a good way. We spend the first fifteen minutes looking at English landscapes and Diana driving in a car. Why?!

In general, Spencer beguiles and frustrates in equal measure, but Stewarts performance is definitely the highlight that anchors the film’s flights of fancy. Like Diana, she’s got a mesmerizing quality and charisma that makes the film watchable even during the most tedious and completely weird moments.

Spencer – Official Trailer
Should you watch it?

Despite the dark moments Spencer ventures through, the ending is uplifting, similar to the likes of a long exhale. This movie ultimately is not just a tragedy of a trapped princess but a downright dark satirical examination of the monarchy; one that is dependent on propping up an illusion of perfection to the masses while focusing on a single character.

Where can I watch it?

You can stream Spencer on HULU in USA, and Prime Video in Canada.