Spirited [2022] – Will Ferrell, Ryan Reynolds, Octavia Spencer

Spirited - Trailer

Spirited might not be the best Christmas movie out there, but it certainly has enough heart, and comedy, to leave its mark.

Boasting an A-List cast, Spirited adds little to the extensive list of Dickens adaptations. However, the movie is so genially overstuffed that it’s easy to enjoy at least intermittently.

The first half of the movie is rough, with disappointing musical numbers. But, if you can stick it out for about an hour, everything from that point until the end is actually a lot of fun. The plot is overstuffed with twists and turns that keeps you on your toes, while not having a wow effect. On the other hand, the movie’s offbeat charms are hard to resist.

Will Ferrell is as great as ever, especially when his character makes fun of an Elf (get it?). Ryan Reynolds might be up to his same old tricks, but our new Scrooge is at his best when he’s Deadpool-ing it. And to top it off, the forever Octavia Spencer rounds up the trio with lots of heart and charisma that made me smile every time she showed up on my screen.

Spirited – Official Trailer
Should you watch it?

Reynolds and Ferrell give it their all, and it’s a blast, if you can get over the first forty minutes or so.

Where can I watch it?

You can stream Spirited exclusively on Apple TV+.