The Adam Project [2022]

The Adam Project

Not the most original, or memorable, time-travel adventure, The Adam Project gets by with entertaining action and a likable cast.

To be honest, Ryan Reynolds needs to take a break from making movies. We’ve seen him do this sort of thing before, countless times. From Deadpool to Free Guy, it’s almost always the same movie, in a different setting.

At most, this movie is the screen equivalent of a really good Big Mac, and as much as you might like McDonalds, there’s a reason those restaurants don’t get Michelin stars. In fact, the delightful scenes between both older and younger Adam are the films crux, providing a pleasant viewing experience for families. As usual, Reynolds is a natural when comedy is involved, and viewing him yet again in a sci-fi role is a treat, even when it’s not the best.

In addition, It’s kind of a meta-joke at this point because Deadpool got the HULK to play his dad. Get it? No? Ok cool. The amazingly talented Mark Ruffalo plays Reynolds’ dad in this movie.

Yes, there’s fun to be had watching The Adam Project and its spectacle is entertaining, but the story trips over itself in the final act to a distracting degree. I wish the writers had revolted and actually made the ending matter a bit more.

Finally, even though this is kind of a lower budget science-fiction comedy, did it really had to have some of the terribly annoying de-aging technology? You’d assume that Reynolds had the finances to get a decent VFX team. But hey, it’s an assumption.

The Adam Project – Official Trailer
Should you watch it?

A light comedy science-fiction movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously. The Adam Project is another easy-to-binge movie from Netflix that puts the focus on young Ryan Reynolds.

Where can I watch it?

You can stream The Adam Project exclusively on Netflix.