The Family Plan [2023] – Michelle Monaghan, Mark Wahlberg on Apple TV+

The Family Plan [2023] - Michelle Monaghan, Mark Wahlberg on Apple TV+

The Family Plan is a fun and entertaining movie that doesn’t take itself seriously, while getting heavily inspired by the likes of Mr and Mrs Smith, mixed with sitcom comedy vibes.

The movie stars Mark Wahlberg, Michelle Monaghan and it clearly written to burst Wahlberg into the comedy genre. He plays a former assassin, Dan Morgan, who is forced to take his family on a road trip when his past catches up to him. Sounds familiar? That’s almost the plot of every single action comedy with family involved.

This is pretty routine material, but it’s been realized with charm and enthusiasm: Director Simon Cellan Jones maintains a good handle on the comic-thriller tone and shoots the action with wit and creativity.

In fact, more effort was needed to make this a great one. I’m always up for a fun action flick and this did not quite get it quite done. There was plenty of charisma to go around with the cast but the good news stops there. The movie maintains a simple plot and limited dialogue. Out of the two hour runtime, most of the cast dialogue can be summed down to 30 minutes. However, where the movie falls short of expectations and damns itself is the basic and sometimes poor action sequences. It barely appears punches land at times, the running and fighting is not crisp as though it was not practiced or even sequenced properly. The best this movie provides is a couple hours watching a somewhat lovable cast going on a trip that’s not worth being a part of.

The Family Plan is an action-packed comedy that will keep you entertained, while you do somethign else. An easy to watch action comedy for the whole family.

The Family Plan – Official Trailer
Should You Watch It?

Enjoyed for what it is, a solid timewaster when wrapping presents this Christmas season.

Where Can I Watch It?

You can stream The Family Plan exclusively on AppleTV+.