The Greatest Beer Run Ever [2022]

The Greatest Beer Run Ever

If anything, The Greatest Beer Run Ever highlights two things: War is bad, and white people can be super dumb.

Somehow, AppleTV+ managed to make a flavorless movie with beer at its center and an A+ cast. Far from intoxicating, The Greatest Beer Run Ever reduces its fun fact-based story to a flat, flavorless brew. 

In fact, the movie is tonally shifty, overlong, repetitive, and very historically simplistic. Every potential moment of clarity is interrupted by a knee-jerk swerve to the inane, as if director Peter Farrelly is uncomfortable with anything resembling discomfort or ambiguity.

The movie is all very well-intentioned and good-natured, but to what end? Yes, Zac Efron is very good in this movie. A clueless frat bro jumping on a ship to a war zone to deliver beer as a thank you for fighting in a pointless war. If anything, Zac Efron’s character is as undecided as this movie to whether or not it is a comedy or a drama. Like you really want to take him seriously when he’s avoiding death, but his face says the opposite.

As a result, it falls flat on its drunken face.

The Greatest Beer Run Ever – Official Trailer
Should you watch it?

It’s sort of meandering and well-meaning, but the tone never quite settled on what it’s supposed to be. Is it about how bad war is? Is it a drama? Comedy? Is it about an entitled white brat from New Jersey? We will never know.

Where can I watch it?

You can stream The Greatest Beer Run Ever exclusively on Apple TV+.