The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild [2022]

The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild

The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild is the epitome of why not all franchises should survive the streaming wars.

Nobody asked for another Ice Age, but here we are. The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild is a dreadfully humorless installment in a CGI franchise that has long run its course. It’s not even about the Ice Age anymore, or the melting glacier, or ice in general.

I understand the need for world building when you’re trying to extend a franchise, but this is beyond that. The first movies were around the two main characters and they happen to meet new friends. This one is just completely irrelevant. You could have easily called it “2 possums running wild” and it might have been better received.

This new installed is all about creating a playground for two wacky opossums to have some low-stakes high jinks. So, how is it related to the Ice Age franchise? Beats me 🤷🏻‍♂️.

To give the movie its due, the animation is top notch, as always. However, just about every element of this installment is mediocre: The storyline and dialogue are predictably generic. Plus, the level of imagination, which was already in decline in the last few movies, has plummeted further.

Lastly, while I know I’m not the target audience, I still shouldn’t have loathed every second I spent watching it.

The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild – Official Trailer
Should you watch it?

This movie is a barely serviceable entry to the long-running family franchise. It looks unfinished and maybe should’ve been shelved or at least given more production time.

Where can I watch it?

You can stream The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild exclusively on Disney+ everywhere.