The Tomorrow War [2021]

The Tomorrow War

Chris Pratt ably anchors this sci-fi adventure, even if The Tomorrow War may not linger in the memory much longer than today.

Even if it isn’t the most surprising time-travel movie, The Tomorrow war is worth the watch thanks to great action and visual effects.

To be honest, it took me almost two days to write this review. I wanted to give the movie its due. Everything that I liked about it was in concept and on paper, but when I watched it, it just kind of comes across as a generic sci-fi action movie.

A father trying to save his family from weird aliens. The only “new” thing is that the action happens in the future. Not right now or the past. But that isn’t enough to justify all this high-cost production. In addition, it’s too damn long.

At heart, this is a standard shoot-’em-up whose bad guys are such mindless flesh-eating monsters (think of the original Alien, times a zillion) that slaughtering them in ever more elaborate action sequences becomes the movie’s main objective. Thing is, the filmmakers have liberally cribbed from several sources and previous movies, resulting in a movie that feels both piecemeal and formulaic. You’ve seen it all before – and what you saw before was probably better.

The Tomorrow War – Official Trailer
Should you watch it?

Once you get over the “reason” for getting into a future war, the movie is your typical high action and highly engaging sci-fi thriller that a good Sunday evening date.

Where can I watch it?

You can stream The Tomorrow War exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.