Ticket to Paradise [2022] – George Clooney, Julia Roberts

Ticket to Paradise

Ticket to Paradise is only watchable thanks to the chemistry between George Clooney & Julia Roberts.

A major throwback to early 2000s romantic comedies. Ticket to Paradise is interesting enough to keep your eyes off your phone, but not enjoyable enough to make it a standout movie this year. It’s pleasant enough if you’re satisfied watching two well-loved stars coast on their charisma in a gorgeous tropical setting. But with as much depth as its shallow crystal-clear waters, the movie is underwhelming.

In fact, Julia Roberts and George Clooney have worked together so often they’ve become that married couple we like to have dinner and go camping with. Especially Roberts. But can all that save this lame rom com? Not really. The movie falls flat on its face when you look at it with an objective lens.

Great A-List cast, amazing scenery, but obviously low budget and a boring flat and unrealistic story that lacks any sort of highs and lows. No idea why the 2 A-List stars agreed to produce and star in this.

Ticket to Paradise – Official Trailer
Should you watch it?

A-list stars, beautiful scenery, and a lighthearted romcom story. What else could you want? An interesting movie. Ticket to Paradise is not perfect, but this reunion for a pair of megawatt stars is still an agreeably frothy enjoyable time.

Where can I watch it?

Ticket to Paradise is now playing in theaters.