Tom & Jerry [2021]

Tom and Jerry - The Movie

This 2021 Tom & Jerry movie is what happens when greed ruins a childhood favorite.

Let’s be clear, Tom & Jerry is not the worst of the duo’s feature-length adventures over the time, but it’s the most pointless one. Regardless, it fails to bring any new wit or flavor to the party.

Whilst Tom & Jerry themselves stay true to their origins as character archetypes, they’re sidelined in their own film in favor of human characters that are wildly uninteresting, involved in a plot that’s void of laughs

Relying heavily on some iconic scenes from the cartoons, the movie doesn’t really bring anything new to the table. Add to it the fact that the animation style is simply weird, and the fact that Waner decided to over stuff it with all the universe’s characters without any good excuse, and you get what’s clearly a total waste of money.

To be honest, I had to pause halfway thru the movie to really think about why WB decided to make it. Watching this hybrid of cartoon and live action, it doesn’t seem as if anyone involved knows quite why the film exists. Which lets me thing that the only reason for its existence was a money decision by Warner Media. One they should regret and let go of whomever made it.

One last comment, we all grew up on Tom and Jerry being mute. Suddenly, halfway thru the movie, Tom gets John Legend’s voice for a couple of minutes. Don’t get me wrong, I would listen to legend for hours regardless of the visual. However, the whole concept felt a bit weird and ruined the fantasy I grew up with.

Tom & Jerry – 2021- Official Trailer
Should you watch it?

This movie is clearly awful, but I did enjoy parts of it. Was it good? No. Did I HATE watching it? No.

Where can I watch it?

You can stream Tom & Jerry on HBO Max in USA, Crave in Canada, or rent it on Amazon Prime Video.