Wrath of Man [2021]

Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man brings Jason Statham back to his roots. An action thriller that takes the viewer on a fun, action-packed ride.

In general, the movie is great, but it takes time to get there. Running at two hours long, this flashback-fueled revenge story takes a little time coming together. However, Jason Statham fans in the mood for an action-packed, very violent film definitely won’t be disappointed. Even with a lot of John Wick vibes, the movie managed to surprise me in some subplots along the way.

Simply put, Statham is doing what he does best. But interestingly, the movie paves a way for an intriguing Jason Statham future while taking its monumental title very seriously.

Separated into four chapters, the movie starts a bit too slow for my taste. The first chapter sets up Statham as a new security employee. The second chapter talks about a heist. Thankfully, the movie takes off in the third chapter to tie things together and it actually becomes super great from that moment forward.

I get that Guy Ritchie is going for an unusual way of storytelling, and I loved it. However, I wished it was done a bit faster with a little more background regarding Statham character’s job in the movie. Like, what exactly does he do for work to be this good at shooting people? Good luck finding out!

Wrath of Man – Official Trailer
Should you watch it?

A powerful and solid action thriller, Wrath Of Man brings Jason Statham back to his roots in an enjoyable yet slow moving movie. However, you might want to watch it at home.

Where can I watch it?

Wrath of Man is now playing in theater. You can also rent it on Amazon.