American Gigolo – Season One [2022]

American Gigolo - Crave Canada September 2022

American Gigolo starring Jon Bernthal is an interesting take on the movie from the same name by Showtime. The show might disappoint some people and might get others horny.

Even though I started watching the show because of Bernthal, there was something about the story how it developed through the early episodes. However, as much as I loved the potential in the beginning, I got really disappointed by the finale. Yes, it kept the door open for a second season, but it also forced some plots against their natural arc.

Somewhere around the third episode, the show loses some of its focus. The various new storylines dilute and drag things out. However, Bernthal’s muted magnetism might be enough to attract viewers. I know it worked for me. But, for a show that has “Gigolo” in its name, I expected more sex. Or at least, more teasing and peaking. Yes, there are a decent amount of those, but the more the merrier. Many will hate it, but after three episodes I was ready to see more.

American Gigolo – Official Trailer
Should you watch it?

Had this series been solely focused on Julian’s attempt at redemption would have been more than enough to make this series worth checking out. As it stands, American Gigolo is flawed but still intriguing enough to garner your attention. But with Bernthal bringing his A-game, there’s room to improve.

Where can I watch it?

You can stream Showtime’s American Gigolo exclusively on Crave in Canada and Showtime.