Baymax! [2022]


Baymax! takes the best parts of Big Hero 6 and makes us feel all the feels with one of the best Disney Animation series to date.

Loaded with charm from the Baymax character, this a sweet reminder that Disney has a rich history of short family-friendly cartoons. The series is fun, cute, and something that both parents and kids can enjoy. It is a special one, that delivers on the moments of laugher, but also on the emotional ones from beginning to end.

In fact, the show dedicates each episode to all healthcare heroes, and they should be happy that such an informative, funny series is made in their honor. It is a humanist series that with the pretext of curing a cold or fixing a broken ankle, tells stories about love, affection, and break-ups… Each of the 10-minute felt like a much needed hug.

Personally, I fell in love with Baymax right from the second he showed up in the original movie. And thankfully, this show makes the character even more lovable. It is light, fluffy short-form warmth that humorously fulfills our need to feel taken care of, watched after, and held accountable.

Baymax! – Official Trailer
Should you watch it?

Baymax! works from start to finish. It’s heartfelt, warm, and is a salve for increasingly darker times with unexpected twists and turns, and laughs.

Where can I watch it?

You can stream Baymax! exclusively Disney Plus everywhere.