Black Bird – Limited Series [2022]

Black Bird

Black Bird was surprisingly good and creepy. It starts as a regular crime show, but halfway through, you can’t but get creeped out, in a clever way.

Based on true events, Black Bird starts small, but universal. The series reaches its full potential when it unleashes Paul Walter Hauser as the creepy convict Larry Hall. In fact, this prison drama from Dennis Lehane features possibly the finest acting now available on streaming this last year.

If you think Dahmer on Netflix was creepy. Think again. Watching Dahmer was exhausting. However, with this show, I couldn’t stop watching. I know it’s not my right to judge if Larry Hall is indeed guilty or not, but if fifty percent of Hauser’s performance was real, Hall should never leave jail. Hauser’s embodiment of a delusional, demented individual conveys a believable, terrifying nightmare. It was enough for me to think that Taron Egerton didn’t have any trouble acting in his disgust.

The show is necessary for both fans of true crime and Lehane himself. In many ways, it’s representative of his fascination with men gone astray, but it’s also unique in that it’s not the deed so much as what precipitated it that proves most impactful.

Black Bird – Limited Series – Official Trailer
Should you watch it?

Black Bird is a gripping true crime drama with a case that is filled with doubt and intrigue, and disgust. Both Taron Egerton and Paul Walter Hauser do amazing job portraying their characters that it leaves you to ponder deeper questions.

Where can I watch it?

You can stream Black Bird exclusively on Apple TV+.