Bridgerton – Season 2 [2022]

Bridgerton - Season-2

The second season of Bridgerton tries extremally hard to recapture what made the first one a success. However, Shonda Rhimes’ mistakes here cannot be forgiven.

The risqué thrill so effortlessly installed by Regé-Jean Page in the first season have definitely faded. Thankfully, Jonathan Bailey has enough charisma to carry the second season into remaining remaining a compulsive episode-turner even when the script was absolutely bad.

You’d assume that after spending the last 15 years doing tv shows that Shonda Rhimes has nailed the formula down: great looking leads with enough sexual passion and tension to fill half the episodes, and a decent backstory to fill the other half. What made this show great was the sexual tension and sex scenes between the duke and the soon-to-be duchess.

However, that is nowhere to be seen in this season. Instead, we get a frustrating love triangle mixed with enough monologues about duty to put anyone to sleep. Even the duke himself. Hey Shonda, the viscount deserves a better “season”. Not to take anything from Simone Ashley‘s talent. I don’t really know anything about her. She’s stunningly beautiful, but I really couldn’t believe her in this role.

One of the very few silver linings is Eloise Bridgerton’s arc in this season. Played by Claudia Jessie, I went from hating her in the first season, to heavily sympathizing with her struggle to break out of the “norms” the society is imposing as well as the betrayal of a close friend. Would love to see a lot more of Eloise if there’s ever a third season.

Bridgerton – Season Two – Official Trailer
Should you watch it?

The hit series Bridgerton returns with diminished swagger and much safer offering for the audience. The new run has less sex. Way less.

Where can I watch it?

Both seasons of Bridgerton are streaming now on Netflix.