Dollface [2019]


“Hide the di***!” Kat Dennings is a comedy treasure! I have no idea why it took me over a year to even know that this show exists.

I do! Thank you WandaVision (review coming up once Season 1 ends) for bringing back Kat!

Dollface explores how Jules Wiley (Kat Dennings) must deal with her own imagination when she literally and metaphorically re-enters the world of women (after being dumped by her longtime boyfriend), to rekindle the female friendships she left behind.

Easily bingeable, I spent a Friday evening (yes, it’s covid and cold in Vancouver BC) watching this show and fell off the couch laughing in some scenes.

Kat Dennings brings her signature style of dark and sarcastic comedy from 2 Broke Girls into the world of complicated relationships. I heavily identified with her struggle to balance friendships with dating as well as seeing your EX moving on.

Can’t wait for season two!

Dollface – Hulu – Trailer

Should you watch it?

Have you ever seen a literal “cat lady”? Now you will. Dollface is a weird comedy series where imagination has no limits, at least for the budget of a streaming comedy show’s first season. Season two is already in production, so you can expect more of Jule’s adventures trying to rediscover what it means to be a woman. (Also, I miss the cat lady).

Where can I watch it?

Dollface is a Hulu original. Streaming on Crave in Canada.