Dr Death [2021]

Dr Death

Dr Death takes a recent true story and scares you from ever trusting a doctor again. Plus, it helps to have a terrific cast to tell you what happened.

Though it’s a bit too slow and all over the place, Dr Death is a horrifying tale of medical malpractice centered around Joshua Jackson‘s unsettling performance. He’s even creepier than Michael C. Hall in Dexter. Frankly, Jackson is perfect as Christopher Duntsch, a wannabe genius descending into a self-created hell. And he’s not alone. Both Christian Slater and Alec Baldwin did an amazing job in portraying Dr. Randall Kirby and Dr. Robert Henderson, respectively. Yes, they could have done more to stop Duntsch earlier, but as the series concludes, the system failed repeatedly and it’s still failing to protect the patients.

While this Halloween’s horror movies are doing their best to scare you, none of them will come close to giving me the chills that the operating room scenes in this Peacock series “Dr. Death” do. The show paints a detailed portrait of a possible sociopath.

Even when the show keeps jumping timelines and confuses the hell out of me, the limited series stay more unnerving than any other true crime documentaries I’ve seen. And that says a lot since I watch a lot of those.

However, as this compelling and frightening series reminds us repeatedly, despite Duntsch’s obvious personality issues, the true villain of the piece is the system that let him practice for so long and continues to allow other equally dangerous medics to do so.

Dr Death – Official Trailer
Should you watch it?

Easily bingeable yet horrifying, the what and the how are harrowing enough. Dr. Death succeeds by focusing on the people who fought for years to make sure Christopher Duntsch could do no more harm.

Where can I watch it?

You can stream Dr Death exclusively on Peacock in USA and on StackTV in Canada.