Eva Longoria: Searching for Mexico [2023] on Paramount Plus

Eva Longoria: Searching for Mexico [2023] on Paramount Plus

Eva Longoria is the ideal host for this series. And thanks to Searching for Mexico, I am already planning a trip to new parts of Mexico. 

In this CNN spinoff, it’s time for Mexico to shine. After watching the amazing Stanley Tucci doing his thing in Italy, I had high expectations for this one. And I have to admit that, even though Longoria delivered on many things, she appeared a bit out of touch with her heritage and in the kitchen. Stanley was a natural.

All of that aside, the show really captures the beauty of people, food and culture of Mexico. And yes, I’m not Mexican and I barely visited Mexico. However, this show made me want to explore even more parts of this multi-cultural and layered country.

From the exposures to the various cities and states in Mexico to unique cultural stories and native/geographic specific ingredients and cooking methods, this series delivers! Don’t compare it to Italy, and you’ll be happily statisfied.

Eva Longoria: Searching for Mexico – Promo
Should You Watch It?

In many ways it’s as good and satisfying a series as Searching for Italy, which I love and have watched twice in its entirety. I am definitely hoping for another spin-off. Maybe Spain or Greece?

Where Can I Watch It?

Eva Longoria: Searching for Mexico is now streaming on Paramount+ in Canada.