Fellow Travelers – Limited Series [2023] on Showtime / Paramount Plus

Fellow Travelers - Limited Series [2023] on Showtime / Paramount Plus

Fellow Travelers is a history lesson wrapped in a romantic tragedy. The show takes you on an emotional journey that is worth it.

Starring Matt Bomer & Jonathan Bailey, Fellow Travelers is a moving showcase for Bomer and Bailey’s captivating on-screen chemistry.

Let’s be honest, the show plays on the sexual aspect to attract viewers. That’s how I got lured. However, those with the maturity to handle it may find themselves reflecting on what the LGBTQ+ community has collectively been subjected to throughout U.S. history, and how its members still face challenges to be fully accepted by society across the world.

This is not just some Beltway Brokeback Mountain. If anything, Hawk is a rich and deep character, not actually that nice, predatory in both his sexuality and his careerism. In fact, Hawk is not my favorite character, and it has nothing to do with him. It’s Bomer. I’m tired of him playing every single character the same exact way.

Thankfully, intentionally or not, this gave Jonathan Bailey room to breathe and shine. Out of the two power-couple, Bailey steals every single scene he’s in. Sexual or not. Bailey commands the screen and the respect of the viewers.

Come to ‘Fellow Travelers’ for the sweeping gay love story, stay for the incisive portrait of Lavender Scare paranoia.

Fellow Travelers – Official Trailer
Should You Watch It?

Fellow Travelers is an exquisitely crafted work of queer historical fiction. With a nuanced gay love story at its centre, it is a captivating, sweeping, and deeply moving epic. Bomer and Bailey both deliver exceptional performances, especially Bailey.

Where Can I Watch It?

You can stream Fellow Travelers on Paramount+.