Finding Magic Mike [2021]

Finding Magic Mike

Finding Magic Mike defied my expectations. It hit all the right notes and almost none of the wrong ones.

Reality tv show can be a hit or a miss. Feel good or trashy. Thankfully, Finding Magic Mike defied my expectations. Instead of getting a set of muscled dudes fighting on who gets laid the most, you get 50 guys that don’t have any experience in this kind of thing competing for a $100K with challenges who happen to be inspired by the movies and the Magic Mike Live show in Las Vegas.

The show’s mantra is great actually: Everyone is sexy. You just must look inside you and connect with yourself before you expect others to connect with you. Sound familiar? The difference here is some of the nicest dudes get to do it by taking their clothes off. EVERY SINGLE EPISODE. Too bad it was only seven episodes long.

Thankfully for everyone, the show mixes real growth with enough sex appeal to hook the viewers. What I really loved about the show is that rather than poke fun at contestants struggling to learn choreography or highlight their every misstep, we observe every contestant in their best light and at their best angle.

Host Adam Rodriguez (Tito in the film franchise), and the hosting panel are gentle and constructive in their feedback, sending each eliminated contestant off with encouragement, and a branded hoodie.

In other words, the dedication to helping these boys get their groove back seems more than nominal; the show, its audience, and especially its judges are all meant to be on their side. The result? Pure delight.

One of the easiest shows to binge watch, I was “satisfied” every single episode…If you know what I mean ;).

And to all the viewers out there, I hate to ruin the surprise for you, but Channing Tatum doesn’t show up in this show.

Finding Magic Mike – Official Trailer
Should you watch it?

If you’re expecting soft porn, don’t. The show was classier than I expected it to be, and maybe even better than Magic Mike XXL movie. I’m positively surprised! And hopefully there’s a second season.

Where can I watch it?

You can stream Finding Magic Mike exclusively on HBO MAX in USA and Crave in Canada.