Firefly Lane [2021] – Netflix

Firefly Lane

Firefly Lane is a Netflix original series based on the book of the same name. Season 1 spans across ten episodes, and it’s one of the most bingeable series on Netflix.

The series is based on the novel of the same name by Kristin Hannah. Shot in Vancouver British Columbia, this series takes place in Seattle.

I must admit that I only started watching this show because there wasn’t anything else interesting to watch. The series is about 2 women “Tully” (played by Katherine Heigl) and “Kate” (played by Sarah Chalke) who support each other through good times and bad from their teens to their forties.

Official Trailer

That’s basically the plot. Firefly Lane is all about emotions without any real twist to keep the audience captivated. It reminded me of The Fosters mixed with a bit of Gilmore Girls.

Sadly, the show ends up falling flat on its face even when trying to deal with human emotions and complications: Rape, abandonment, family issues, coming out and miscarriage.

Don’t get me wrong, both Katherine and Sarah are good actors, but the writing and direction didn’t help.

Should you watch it?

If not for the actors, or the story, watch this “popcorn series” for the nature scenes and some laughs and cries. There’s also a second season.

Where can I watch it?

You can stream Firefly Lane exclusively on Netflix everywhere.