For All Mankind – Season Three [2022]

For All Mankind - Season Three

For All Mankind goes all the way to Mars in a 3-legged race while still managing to keep focus on its core characters. But for some, the show is starting to lose steam.

After the cold war on the moon during the second season, the show jumps a decade and a planet. The core cast is now in various positions. Head of Nasa, President, CEO, etc. But that doesn’t mean that their lives don’t intertwine.

Previously, the show relied heavily on historical events and twisted them to serve the dramatisation and storytelling. That’s not the case here. In this new season, the show steps into unfamiliar territory, and I’m not talking about Mars.

Starting with a race to Mars, the show does a lot of creative heavy lifting relying on SpaceX and familiar current events. And the result? One of the best and most consistent sci-fi series in living memory.

Some of the best science fiction is about how humans respond to stresses brought on by changes in their environment. For All Mankind tackles this theme on a macro scale, showing the pressure Americans are under to step up their space game, competing with Russians, private billionaires, and another plot twist.

And without losing focus (well, some) three seasons in, For All Mankind makes a compelling case for its existence in the vast television landscape. The epic scope of space travel and exploration plays perfectly off of the intimate relationship between these complicated characters and the events of previous seasons.

For All Mankind – Season Three – Official Trailer
Should you watch it?

For All Mankind‘s third season goes as far as Mars while maintaining a homey focus on its original ensemble, delivering another epic adventure with an intimate focus.

Where can I watch it?

You can stream all seasons of For All Mankind exclusively on Apple TV+.