Gen V – Season One [2023] on Prime Video

Gen V - Prime Video Canada September 2023

Gen V is an extremely slow burner. But the second it starts; it reminds you why you fell in love with The Boys.

At first, I wasn’t sure if I’m into it or not. Even by episode 6, I still wasn’t sure what the heck is going on, or even what’s the point of the show. But the producers were clearly keeping the best for last.

After watching all eight episodes of this spin-off from The Boys, I am confident enough to say the following: yes, we didn’t need this show, yes, it’s basic world building for another superhero franchise by Amazon, but for some reason, I enjoyed it the most when things got weird and bloody.

In fact, we don’t really need another season even though we’re getting one. This show clearly sets up the fourth installment of the main franchise, but I’m not sure I’d watch another one. It’s easy to max out on bloody and out-of-this-world dick scenes. We’ve had a total of four seasons with weird stuff happening. Not sure how much weirder the creators of both shows can get before the viewers stage a revolt.

Gen V – Official Teaser Trailer
Should You Watch It?

Take a deep breath and exercise your patience. Once you get over the first four episodes, you might enjoy the show if you’re a fan of the original setup. If not, just skip it.

Where Can I Watch It?

You can stream Gen V exclusively on Prime Video.