Ghosts (US) – Season One [2021]


Ghosts is a deftly clever comedy that deserves to haunt the airwaves for many days to come. The show has a great ensemble, is very witty, and is a quick watch.

Based on a British show of the same name (which I haven’t seen yet), Ghosts manages a rare achievement. It gives us hope that the show will find the right tone early in its run season. And it does.

To be honest, I forced myself to finish the first two episodes. However, I found myself loving every moment of it. Ghosts embraces a bubbly gothic aesthetic that is further elevated by a fresh-faced cast and an arsenal of quotable one-liners. Thor, Alberta, Trevor, Pete, Flower and all the other ghosts. You start by finding them annoying, and you slowly fall in love with them. Except maybe Pete.

With this first season, CBS found something special. The show is amusing, instantly disposable and carried by McIver and Ambudkar.

But, and there’s always a but, I don’t think the format is sustainable for more than a couple seasons. Nothing here is bad enough to be a deal-breaker, but Ghosts won’t be able to sustain my interest on “good bones” forever. If the show can find some depth in its characters (both living and ethereal), there is some real potential for it to be something special.

Ghosts (US)- Trailer
Should you watch it?

It’s a superb cast full of fresh faces dropping quotable one-liners left and right. You’ll instantly laugh and connect with its cast, dead and alive. Hoping they find a way to extend the universe for the second season.

Where can I watch it?

You can stream the USA remake of Ghosts on Paramount+ in USA & Canada, in addition to Stack TV on Prime Video in Canada.