Ghosts (US) – Season Two [2023] on CBS/Paramount+/GlobalTV

Ghosts (US) - Season Two

Ghosts might not be a new show anymore, but it certainly kept it fresh with season two. A good addiction that just got renewed for another season.

After a stellar first season, I was skeptical of the show’s ability to keep it up. Almost all second seasons are unanimously bad. The producers are forcing an expansion of the universe. However, and thanks to all the ghosts about there, it’s not the case here.

Yes, it’s not perfect. But somehow, the show managed to build on the easter eggs from the first run to expand into the second. By focusing on its core set of inhabitants and filling the gaps in their background stories, the writers managed to hit multiple birds in one season: Developing our relationship with the characters while getting us (the viewers), more familiar with their background stories. In addition, we also get to see them evolve and build relationships, and date, even if they’re dead.

There’s still hope after all 😂.

So, what is this season about? Plenty of shenanigans. And in typical Ghosts fashion, the group got more than they bargained for.

Ghosts (US) – Season Two – Official Trailer
Should you watch it?

With an addictive humor and stellar ensemble cast, this show is a must watch. I get the title, but the show is nowhere near scary. If anything, it’s scary how funny and addictive it is.

Where can I watch it?

You can stream all seasons of Ghosts (US) on Paramount+ in USA & Canada, in addition to Stack TV on Prime Video in Canada.