Grace and Frankie – Season 7 [2022]

Grace and Frankie - Season 7

I wasn’t ready to say my goodbyes to Grace and Frankie but here we are. Here’s to seven seasons of laughs and good vibes.

In typical Netflix fashion in the last couple of years, the final season of this amazing show was released into two parts. Thankfully, we got a coherent story that ties most of the storylines in an actually great way…mostly: Grace and Frankie confronting the challenges of growing older, as your body and mind don’t work the way they once did, but also celebrates the rich lives of our protagonists. They have sex, commit crimes, love, lose, and love again.

In fact, the show says goodbye in a hilarious, yet poignant final. Frankie thinks she’s going to die, Grace is dealing with another failed marriage and a trauma. Part of what’s made this show so powerful is its realistic, uncondescending representation of seniors.

However, just because we’re getting to the end doesn’t mean that our beloved characters won’t be having fun. Brianna (She’s my favorite, I’m biased) rushes to stop Barry’s parents seeing her nude photos, or Grace tricks Nick’s parole officer while also landing a deal with a toilet manufacturer.

That’s not to say the final episodes are flawless. It’s like the showrunners expected to do more episodes, and they suddenly had to rush some things.

Finally, the characters of this amazing show have earned their place as an iconic fictional pair, an odd couple turned inseparable duo. This final season will make you to turn to your Grace or Frankie and hold them even tighter.

Grace and Frankie – Season 7
Should you watch it?

Part of what makes this show so great is how low stakes the characters’ hijinks feel—even if they happen to be smuggling drugs across the border—until suddenly there’s far more at risk. This final season has all of the frothiness and fun of the previous seasons, with one figure casting its long shadow over the main characters: their mortality.

Where can I watch it?

You can stream all seasons of Grace and Frankie exclusively on Netflix.