Hacks – Season One [2021]

Hacks- Season One

Jean Smart is coming for her Emmy. Hacks perfectly written for her to shine and she knows that. She is going all in which made the show even better.

First, let’s start with the show in general. Hacks is rare in its ability to be genuinely funny and dramatic in equal measure. The genius of the show is how skillfully it critiques decades of TV comedy, reminding viewers of what’s missing now as much as what’s changed for the better.

In addition, it’s finally time for the incomparable Jean Smart to get a starring role worthy of her talents. She is everything in this role. Channeling the late Joan Rivers, Smart manages to create a depth and a background for a character that otherwise would have been just another boring and mean comic with a bitchy attitude.

However, if i had to nitpick, I’m honestly not a fan of Hannah Einbinder‘s Ava. I really hated her in the first three episodes, and it took me another three episodes just to accept her presence. However, Einbinder manages to warm up to the viewer around the end of the season, sadly.

On the other hand, I really would like to see, and know more, about Marcus (played by Carl Clemons-Hopkins). He’s definitely one of the underrepresented and utilized characters of the season. His character had so much potential but it was sidelined and went nowhere in order to focus on Smart and Einbinder’s story. I get it, but I want to see more.

Hacks – Official Trailer
Should you watch it?

You should! Jean Smart is at her best. The show was written to let her shine and she knows it and takes control of it. It’s one of the best shows for 2021 so far.

Where can I watch it?

You can stream season one of Hacks exclusively on HBO Max in USA and on Crave in Canada. The show has already been renewed for season two.